Mt Greylock Hiking Trails Map

I left and headed north through Grants Main Street, watching New Mexico wake. Cars queued at the drive-thru for breakfast, and a solitary cleaner brushed the sidewalk as the street lights flicked off.

I took a right turn on 1st Street, longing to be out of town and back in the wilds. W. Roosevelt Avenue signalled my next direction change, and after a final left turn onto Lobo Canyon Road, the bustle of town faded and the houses gave way to a familiar dry scrub.

Following the road, the trailhead appeared an hour later and I climbed, glancing back at Grants spread out like a giant map beneath me.

I saw no-one all day and skipped between open areas before pine forest beckoned me into the shade, and I listened to a gentle breeze weave through the branches. Save the occasional bird call, my world was quiet and tranquil, giving little indication of forthcoming events the next morning.

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Pushed for time, and needing to reach the town of Cuba before the post office closed on Saturday, I ignored the turn-off for Mt Taylor and took the diversion skirting its western flanks. I knew Bear Claw, Grim, Lia and HoJo were up there somewhere, as they had left yesterday. I wondered if I’d cross their paths later.

Eventually the ascent topped out. Clouds skimmed the trees to my left, yielding to shafts of sunlight. I paused, debating a quick break but descended for the air to warm I flew downwards, clawing back the distance robbed from the slower uphill section. The trees parted occasionally as I fumbled for my sunglasses.

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