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My neighbour was a Han biologist who pointed out how the Nanjing Map peasants are now growing cash crops of wheat, highland barley, rapeseed and legumes such as Nanjing Map broad beans and peas. The fields rolling past were a feast of lushness, making my eyes feel relaxed. Green is so restful to the eyes, especially after being in a smoggy city. As we neared Xining I saw beehives alongside the track, and looked forward to tasting some honey. After getting my bearings in Xining and obtaining a special permit to be in the area, I set off west hitch-hiking with my canoe for Qinghai Lake, the largest lake in China with an area of 1,630 square miles. But the second truck-driver who gave me a lift said he was going to Lhasa.
Knowing that KII can be affected by cell phones, Matt quickly asked everyone to check their phones. They were off. He neared the KII just as it hit again, flashing three or four lights before returning to normal.

Matt encouraged the energy to remain. “OK. So all you have to do is ” He abruptly stopped and backed away, swiping at his head and arms. “There’s like something ”

Jeff, one of the investigators, seeing Matt’s distressed, turned to him, “Is it attached to you, Matt?”

Suddenly frantic, he began swatting at himself, “There’s something on me! There’s something on me!”

“No, man,” Jeff replied checking Matt over carefully.

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