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S. Lumina Ave. 910/256-8116,

The uninterrupted stretch of sand is the main attraction on Wrightsville Beach, a small island off the mainland in a town of the same name. The four-mile-long beach is a haven for surfing, parasailing, swimming, and beachcombing, or just relaxing in the sand. Johnnie Mercer Fishing Pier is the most recognizable structure on the beach. The original wooden pier was destroyed by Hurricane Fran in 1996 and replaced with a solid concrete pier in 2000. The Carolina Yacht Club dates back to 1853 and was the first structure on the island. Now, dozens of marinas dot the shoreline and shops along the waterfront rent sailboats, catamarans, canoes, kiteboards, surfboards, and scuba equipment. Just off the beach, the plethora of shops, restaurants, and clubs have earned Wrightsville Beach the nickname “Atlantic City of the South.”


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The Black Cat Shoppe advertises itself as a magic shop, but the number of joke items far outnumber the Chinese finger cuffs and black top hats. Belch tonic, paparazzi action figures, voodoo dolls, refrigerator magnets, and T-shirts emblazoned with R-rated phrases line the shelves at the quirky little shop. It’s one of the best places to find T-shirts, posters, and postcards that honor Wilmington as an entertainment mecca. On Saturdays, Scotty the Wizard offers tarot card and palm readings. He also performs magic tricks on the sidewalk in front of the store to entertain passersby.

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Before reaching the wood, however, you swing gently south Toronto Map Tourist Attractions -eastwards, still keeping the fence to your right. The path is not too well defined Toronto Map Tourist Attractions here, and you may well be tempted onto a clear stony track leading down the steep hillside immediately to your left, but don’t take it; keep the fence immediately to your right, and soon a clearer path becomes apparent. Now you descend very gently, enjoying lovely views ahead to the Adur Valley, but much closer at hand is the tiny community of Coombes, a group of houses and farm buildings that are separated from your hillside by an area of woodland. Continue alongside the fence until you get level with the wood. As you do so you approach a double gate, but immediately before this is a gate in the fence to your right. Pass through the gate in the fence and continue on very briefly in the same direction you have been following, the trees now very close on your left, and almost immediately on the left you’ll see a signed footpath leading steeply down into the trees.

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