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This loose imperial administrative system led to very different assumptions about the nature of the relationship between Crown, Parliament, and the Country colonies. Colonists praised the loose structure of imperial rule, identifying parliamentary supremacy over the king with the ascendancy of colonial assemblies over royal governors.Milwaukee Map Tourist Attractions  Over time, colonists developed the idea that all Britons had the right to representative government and that they were more beholden to local representatives whom they elected than they were to Parliament, in which they had no direct vote. Parliament and king disagreed, however; custom, they argued, and not constitution, informed such erroneous colonial assumptions. In reality, Parliament did maintain ultimate authority over all British subjects and this meant the authority to tax even if it did not always choose to exercise its powers. Through the revenue and billeting acts of the 1760s and early 1770s, Parliament asserted the British belief in its sovereignty over all subjects.

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