The Nameless Coffeehouse US Map & Phone & Address

The Nameless Coffeehouse US Map & Phone & Address

What’s in a name? Here in Harvard Square, it’s a big lineup of folk performers every Friday and Saturday evening for just a $3 donation. It’s a stepping-stone toward the professional circuit.

Toad features an interesting assortment of soon-to-be and semi-famous bands, playing virtually every night of the week. Bands seen here recently include Walking Wounded, the Armadillos, and Division Street Shows start at 9 P.M.

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The Gun Rocks wreck was first thought to have been an Armada ship dating from when the Spanish fleet was driven up the Above: The Pinnacles Below left: Guillemots on Staple Island Below right: Kittiwakes and chicks nesting on Staple Island North Sea coast, but she was later found to be an armed Dutch merchant vessel that was wrecked between 1650 and 1715; the cannons and other artefacts were later dated. Gun Rocks, of which there are two, are situated about 150 metres west of Staple Island and are dry to 3.6 metres. They are connected to Staple at the southern end by a shallow underwater sand and stone bank which is visible on the bottom of a spring tide, and it is then too shallow to navigate even in a small RHIB. On 17 August 1939, the steam trawler Excel ran aground on Gun Rocks, but was later successfully refloated. There are submerged cliff walls all the way to the end of the eastern side of North Wamses with a few crevices near to the bottom at 10-12 metres. The seabed slopes down from 10 to 16 metres out from the island and goes much deeper to the north with a monotonous bottom. Currents are reasonably strong, especially on the flood tide. The islets of Roddam and Green are well and truly washed by the exceptionally strong currents of Piper Gut. On the eastern side the rock walls below the surface are covered in anemones, while the other sides are just covered in kelp.

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