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9 Union St. N. Ste. 150, 704/796-1600,

HOURS: Tues .-Fri. noon-5 P.M. Sat. 10 A.M.-5 P.M.

Stop by the Mud Slingers gallery and pick up a piece of handmade pottery or glassware or sign up for a class and make one of your own. The studio caters to clay and glass artists of all levels and offers beginning wheel classes, hand-building, and glass workshops for children and adults. The classes are four to eight weeks in length.

Access to these and other urban amenities is difficult in a Best places to travel to in USA country where transportation linkages are primitive and, in many locations, nonexistent. Charcoal is the primary Best places to travel to in USA fuel for cooking and heating. Because it is made from wood, Haiti is largely deforested and erosion is widespread. Because of the widespread deforestation, Haiti has one of the world’s most devastated rural landscapes. A number of international and other agencies are attempting to introduce solar ovens as an alternative to charcoal use. These sun-powered cooking devices are inexpensive and quite effective.

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