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2,474,985 acres. Humboldt is a huge National Forest made up of a number of widely scattered tracts in east-central and northern Nevada. On these lands are many scenic mountain ranges, with some elevations over 11,000 feet.

Ruby Dome (11,350 feet) is among the most notable peaks. Tbere are also deep glacial canyons, cliffs, cirque basins, rock formations, rolling hills, plateaus, and arid desertalong with some rivers and streams, and alpine lakes at higher elevations.

The forests are of fir, pine, and aspen, with stands of bristlecone pine. Wildlife includes elk, mule deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, mountain lion, and mountain goat.

The National Forest now has eight designated wilderness areas: the 127,000-acre Jarbidge Wilderness, the 90,000-acre Ruby Mountains Wilderness, the 82,000-acre Mount Moriah Wilderness, the

50.000-acre Grant Mountain Wilderness, the 36,900-acre East Humboldt Wilderness, the 36,000-acre Currant Mountain Wilderness, the 31,000-acre Santa Rosa-Paradise Peak Wilderness, and the

27.000-acre Quinn Canyon Wilderness.

Activities: About 900 miles of trails are available for backpacking and hiking, including the 40-mile Ruby Crest National Recreation Trail. Difficulty ranges from easy to strenuous. Trails at high elevations are likely to be snow-free only from July through mid-September.

Mountain biking is allowed on many trails, but not in wilderness areas. Most trails are open to horseback riding. Cross-country skiing is available during the snow season. Fishing is possible, as is hunting during the appropriate season.

Camping Regulations: Camping is allowed throughout the National Forest, except where otherwise posted. Campfires are permitted, but stoves are suggested for cooking. Campsites in wilderness areas should be at least 200 feet from trails md water sources. No permits are necessary.

For Further Information: Humboldt National Forest, 976 Mountain City Highway, Elko, NV 38901; (702)738-5171.

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