Shenzhen Vacations

The actors strutted around using exaggerated postures, and guffaws of Shenzhen Vacations laughter came from the audience as the scheming wife spat back at her relatives who confronted her Shenzhen Vacations with home truths; the diligent wife worked thread while she talked; and although the singing of all the actors was a bit raucous and not tuneful, it was full of meaning and inflections.

Suddenly the old mother doubled up as if she had stomach cramps, a shocked dialogue followed and the audience roared with laughter; my friend translator told me that the mother had become pregnant again.

The bad couple were furious because there would be less food for them to eat, and the good couple offered to rear the child. Seven years later their food crops wer«. spoilt by floods and the old parents worried so much they died. The four remaining adults argued about who was now head of the family.

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