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The General Court establishes a fishing commission, and offers tax Peru Metro Map exemptions on boats and fishing equipment for seven years. 1636 Harvard College is founded. No other Peru Metro Map English colony possesses a comparable institution at such an early stage of its development. Though training for the ministry is the main reason for Harvard’s existence, students receive a rigorous education in logic, language, and the other liberal arts. Also in 1636, Thomas Pynchon founds the town of Agawam (present-day Springfield) on the Connecticut River. Pynchon dominates the early Massachusetts beaver pelt trade.

1637 Massachusetts Bay Colony and Connecticut declare war on the Pequot, who have moved into the Connecticut River Valley. In the main action of the war, Puritans under Captain John Underhill along with their Narragansett allies burn a palisaded village on the Mystic River, killing hundreds of Pequot noncombatants. Pequot warriors are dispersed to live among other tribes, killed, or sold into slavery in the West Indies, while the English try to erase any reminders of the Pequot from the landscape.

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