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ACCOMMODATIONS £10-19 £10-19 £20-30 £31-59 over £60

Hostels are run by the Youth Hostels Association (YHA) of England and Wales ( Uk) and the Scottish Youth Hostels Association (SYHA; Unless noted as self-catering,  the YHA hostels listed in Let's Go offer cooked meals at standard rates (breakfast £3. 20, smallstandard packed lunch £2.80£3.

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65, evening meal £4. 15, and children's meals £1.75-2.70). Hostel dorms will cost around £9 in rural areas, £13 in larger cities, and £15-20 in London. You can book B&Bs by calling directly, or by asking the local tourist office to help you find accommodations.

Tourist offices usually charge a 10% deposit on the price for the first night or the entire stay, deductible from the amount you pay the B&B proprietor; often a flat fee of £1-3 is added on. Campsites tend to be privately owned and cost £3-10 per person per night. It is illegal to camp in national parks, since much of their land is privately owned.

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