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Israel Holgh, were sent out to the colony. The Sudan Metro Map instructions for the governor were as follows: Instructions, according to which Her Royal Majesty, our Sudan Metro Map Most Gracious Queen, will have the Lieutenant Colonel, now also the appointed governor over New Sweden, the noble and well-born JOHN PRINTZ, to regulate himself as well during his voyage as upon his arrival in that country. Given at Stockholm, the 15th of August, 1642. 1. Inasmuch as some of the subjects of Her Royal Majesty and of the crown of Sweden have, for some time past, undertaken to sail to the coasts of the Rest Indies, and have already succeeded in conquering and purchasing a considerable tract of land, and in promoting commerce, with the especial object of extending the jurisdiction and greatness of Her Royal Majesty and of the Swedish crown, and have called the country.

NEW SWEDEN; wherefore and inasmuch as Her Royal Majesty approves and finds this their undertaking and voyaging not only laudable in itself, but reasonable, and likely, in the course of time, to benefit and strengthen Her Royal Majesty and the Swedish throne: so has Her Royal Majesty, for the promotion of that work and for the assistance of those who participate therein, furnished them for the making of that important voyage, and also for the confirming and strengthening of that important work thus begun in New Sweden, for said voyage, two ships, named the Fama and the Swan, as well as some other means necessary thereto, under a certain Governor, whom Her Majesty has provided with sufficient and necessary powers, having thereunto appointed and legitimated Lieutenant Colonel John Printz, whom she has, accordingly, seen good to instruct upon the points following. 2.

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