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Edmund Randolph presents the Virginia Plan to what is now the Moscow Subway Map Constitutional Convention, which calls for a bicameral legislature with representation in the lower house based upon population Moscow Subway Map . Congress, still constituted under the Articles of Confederation, passes the Northwest Ordinance, which proposes the eventual creation of three to five states in the Northwest Territory. Also, delegates agree that slavery is to be barred from the territory.

Elbridge Gerry and George Mason put forward a proposal on the topic of a Bill of Rights. Thirty-nine out of 42 delegates who attend the Constitutional Convention sign the Constitution of the United States, and it is sent to Congress for approval. Congress reaches an agreement to send the Constitution to the states for ratification. Pennsylvania ratifies the Constitution, becoming the second state to do so. 1789 Benjamin Franklin changes his will to appropriate funds to be used to build a pipeline that will bring fresh water to Philadelphia. Dirty water has caused disease in the area and the deaths of one-quarter of the city’s population in just a few years.

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