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A church dedicated to them at Jerusalem, with a monastery and a hospice for pilgrims, is attested by the nun Damiana in John Moschus’s Pratum spirituale ch. 127: PG 873, col. 2990: the names of the two saints were very popular in antiquity. At Constantinople there were six churches dedicated to them, all built by either patriarchs or imperial couples between the 5th and 6th c. The most important is the sanctuary which Paulinus, Theodosius II’s rival, had built in 439. A thaumaturgical site par excellence, the prodigies narrated in the Libellus miraculorum occurred there; falling into decay, it was later restored by Justinian and was described by Procopius, who captures the pilgrims’ emotion upon their arrival, seeing the temple high above the promontory of the Kosmidion De aedificiis I, VI, 5-8. Finally, at Thessalonica Cosmas and Damian appear in the dome mosaic in the Church of St. George: the inscription calls them doctors and puts their feast in September Delehaye, Les origines, 232.

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In exploring the ways in which gender shaped the lives of women in the Countrys, issues of family and reproduction are some of the first concerns, as we have seen. Delhi Map Tourist Attractions Domestic roles and life experiences related to marriage and childbirth were shaped by the rigors of colonial life, patterns in women’s immigration from Europe and Africa, and relationships among different races and classes in New World societies and economies. Indeed, the colonies themselves were shaped by these forces issues of sex and gender did not only affect individuals. Colonial Country also provided new opportunities for women outside their prescribed roles, whether they were of European, African, or Native Country descent. Women participated in religious missions, social experiments, educational reforms, and artistic expression, all linked to the growth of European colonies in the New World.

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