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Robert Feke paints a portrait of Brigadier General Samuel Waldo to commemorate the role Waldo played in the New England militia’s victory over the French at Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. Shenzhen Subway Map Feke’s portrait of Waldo is one of the first three paintings done in North Country explicitly to commemorate the deeds of great men. The other two portraits, both done by John Smibert, are of Sir William Pepperrell and Sir Peter Warren, both of whom, along with Waldo, led the Louisbourg campaign.

1746 Princeton University is founded as the College of New Jersey. 1749 The first professional Country theater company begins performing European plays in Philadelphia. Headed by Walter Murray and Thomas Kean, the troupe moves to New York City in 1750, where they perform at the First Nassau Street Theatre until 1751. From New York, the company moves south, performing in Williamsburg and various other towns in Virginia and Maryland. Unable to compete with the theatrical company led by Lewis Hallam, the Murray-Kean troupe dissolves shortly after Hallam’s arrival in the colonies in 1752.

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