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A circular, translucent, light colored floating object that represents a source of energy. When a lot of orbs are seen it can mean the manifestation of a spirit. They are very rare. Generally, what many consider orbs are simply dust, bugs, pollen and other small articles suspended in the air. When the small object gets close to a camera lens it can appear large and translucent. Caution should be used when considering an orb as authentic.

Ouija Board

A flat surface with letters, numbers and symbols used to communicate with the dead. Normally, participants place their fingers on a movable object, a planchette, in the center of the board. It is moved across the surface and receives responses to their questions. Many believe they are dangerous and should be avoided. It is easy to release evil spirits or demons and become spiritually possessed.


A term used to describe something out of the ordinary that cannot be readily explained. The word itself does not necessarily mean something, someone, or some place is haunted.


A person who studies the paranormal, such as survival of a spirit after death. They use a variety of methodology and testing in their work including laboratory research and fieldwork.

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