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Its main promoters were Eustathius of Sebaste, Eleusius of Cyzicus and Marathonius, who had earlier been a wealthy employee of the magistrate’s court; on Eustathius’s advice he became a monk and founded a monastery at Constantinople, having already founded a hospital there. The remnants of the Nicene community in the capital, where for four decades the bishops had been Arianizers, acquired a bishop in the person of Gregory of Nazianzus, who from 370 preached in the small church of the Anastasis. After the opening of the synod of 381, the bishops of the majority, led and urged on by Theodosius, sought to obtain a unanimity in favor of the divinity of the Holy Spirit. But the Macedonians did not give way. A “tome” was composed in which the conciliar Fathers professed their faith and condemned the recent heresies. This synodal letter is lost, but its essential contents can be reconstructed from another document, issued by the Synod of Constantinople of 382, and from the remaining canons of the council of 381. The Fathers professed the one substance ousia of the Father, the Son and the Spirit; they rejected the confusion of hypostases made by Sabellius; and they ruled out any heterogeneity, thus condemning Eunomius and the other Arians.

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The Caribs live mainly on the Virgin Islands and many of Belo Horizonte Map the Lesser Antilles (such as Anguilla, Barbuda, Antigua, Guadeloupe, and Martinique). Their Belo Horizonte Map government is more decentralized than that of their Arawak neighbors, and their gendered division of labor (men hunt, fish, and practice military skills, while women practice agriculture and maintain the home) is more strict than that of the Arawaks. When the Spanish arrive, they classify the Caribs as vicious cannibals and the Arawaks as a peace-loving people. The accounts are exaggerated and colored by the fact that the Caribs more frequently resist the Spanish invaders with violence. 1492 Christopher Columbus, a Genoan sailor employed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to reach the Indies, instead reaches San Salvador (Watling’s Island) in the Bahamas. He mistakenly believes that he has achieved his goal and labels the people he meets on his voyage “Indians.” (Until his death in 1506, Columbus will continue to claim that the islands he found are part of Asia.)

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