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1636 Harvard College is founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Education Portland Map is of primary importance to the Puritans, and this is true not only of Biblical instruction. Portland Map Students at Harvard must know Latin and Greek upon matriculation, and their curriculum stresses knowledge of the Greek and Roman classics, as well as the traditional arts and sciences. 1637 The Antinomian Controversy rocks the religious establishment in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Anne Hutchinson, a knowledgeable interpreter of Scripture, is charged with accusing Puritan ministers of preaching a covenant of works (as opposed to a covenant of grace) and with other censored behavior. She is banished and moves first to Rhode Island and then to Long Island, where she and most of her family lose their lives in a native attack. 1638 A small community of Swedish Lutherans settles at the site of present-day Wilmington, Delaware, where they establish a colony known as Fort Christina and a church (known today as Old Swedes’ Church).

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