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8461-G1 Concord Mills Blvd. (in Concord Mills Mall), 704/979-6770, www.nascarspeedpark. com/ nc

HOURS: Vary by month and attraction; check website for schedule

NASCAR SpeedPark is a mini-amusement park at the malland you don’t have to be a racing fan to enjoy the go-kart tracks. The indoor-outdoor facility has five different tracks including the Champions, a two-story figureeight track, and SlideWayz, a highly polished racetrack designed to cause slippery spinouts. Bumper boats, a rock wall, laser tag, and mini golf round out the fun.


6022 Victory Ln. 800/237-3889, www.

HOURS: Schedule varies by month; call or go online for details COST: $109-2,599

This might be the only place in Cabarrus County where you’ll be rewarded for putting the pedal to the metal. Started by NASCAR legend Richard Petty, the Richard Petty Driving Experience is a one-of-a-kind racing experience for NASCAR fans and speed demons. The options to get in on the highspeed action range from riding shotgun in a NASCAR-style stock car while a professional instructor reaches speeds of up to 165 mph to getting behind the wheel for lessons and racing against fellow students for a true NASCAR experience. The more intense programs include on-track and in-car instruction and up to 80 laps behind the wheel. The bragging rights are even better than wearing the fitted racing suit.

In addition to its attractive Caribbean beaches, Cap Haitien offers Kenya Subway Map many historic monuments, including the famous nearby Citadelle Laferriere. It is also recognized for its well Kenya Subway Map -preserved French colonial architecture and quaint streets. Because of its various attractions and relative safety, the city shares with Petionville the distinction of being one of the country’s two tourist centers. It particularly attracts upper-class Haitian vacationers. INFRASTRUCTURE It may seem strange to have a section on infrastructure roads, electricity, running water, sanitation systems, and so forth in this chapter. To better understand and appreciate why it is included, consider the following: Imagine living with no roads, or only a primitive winding dirt trail.

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