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First and Second Church, 66 Marlboro St, Boston; (617) 247-7388

In spite of the name, this is one of Boston’s oldest established companies dedicated to the development of original plays (that’s the new part). These works are all by Massachu-

ARTS/Boston makes two options available for those who want theater, music, and dance on a budget. Buy day-of-performance tickets at half-price at the BOSTIX booths at Faneuil Hall or Copley Square; or, join ARTS/Mail (for free!) and get similar deals in advance. setts-based writers, several of whom have gone on to wider acclaim. This is where you can see their diamonds-in-the-rough, in both simple readings and full productions.

Each January, in fact brings the annual NEWorks festival, which presents a whole batch of workshop productions over a two-week period. You can buy tix to individual plays, or a special discounted pass that’s good for the whole shabang. NT also offers acting classes, including a serious two-year conservatory program, which presents classic plays throughout the season. Tickets are usually around $10 for individual productions, and less for conservatory shows.

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