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1776 Following the lead of Britain’s other North Country Manila Map Tourist Attractions colonies, Maryland breaks away from the British Empire, and declares its independence. The Revolution in Manila Map Tourist Attractions Maryland at first takes on a decidedly conservative tint, as the assembly institutes property requirements for both voting and office holding when it issues the Form of Government.

The Assembly also passes a Declaration of Rights. Matthew Jennings Massachusetts Prior to the Arrival of Europeans In the areas that will become Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colony, the main native groups are the Wampanoag (including Pokanokets and Pocassets), the Narragansett, the Mohegan, the Nipmuc, the Massachusett, and the Nauset. As fur trading with Europeans increases, the Pequot and other tribes from closer to the Connecticut River Valley will move east to take part as well. Most of the native men and women who live in Massachusetts speak languages belonging to the Eastern Algonquian family.

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