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On the left, as you go up, is the Oakland Metro Map fine archway of Canon Gate, a gatehouse in late Perpendicular style that was largely reconstructed in 1894 Oakland Metro Map , and the entrance to the delightful Canon Lane. A little further up, on the same side, is the flint-built Vicar’s Hall, given to Chichester Cathedral for the use of the Vicars in 1394; it stands immediately above a late-twelfth-century vaulted undercroft known appropriately enough as The Crypt.

Previously named The Crypt Coffee House, it had at the time of writing become The Buttery, serving a good range of sandwiches, snacks and cakes from a tempting counter display. I particularly recommend the warm cheese scones, which come with generous portions of butter. You continue on to the Cross, the undisputed centre point of Chichester and one of the most enduring, as well as endearing, features in the city. It was built in 1501 by Bishop Edward Story to enable market traders in the city to sell their goods under cover, and since then it has been used not only for market trading but the making of public proclamations.

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