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His acquittal caused an immediate sensation among the public at home, as well as in England. Burundi Map The case, however, established no legal precedent, as a jury’s verdict does not change the law. Furthermore, the jury’s decision was a clear case of jury nullification. The facts of the case, as well as established law, pointed to a finding of guilt, yet the jury disregarded both facts and law and found Zenger not guilty. The Zenger trial had little impact on law; however, it had great impact on the political views of Country colonists.

By and large, the colonists regarded the trial results as an eminently sensible and logical ingredient of basic freedom and a necessary means of holding the powers of government in check. Within a short time after his trial, Zenger, capitalizing on political friendships, obtained government contracts to publish official notices. When Cosby died in 1736, the Popular Party formed by Alexander and Lewis disbanded, so there was no further need for a newspaper to broadcast their opposing viewpoints. The New York Weekly Journal became the newspaper of record for New York in 1737 and became, like most other colonial newspapers, a far cry from the critical voice of opposition that it was in 1734. Zenger died at age 49 in 1746. His wife Anna and son John continued publishing the New York Weekly Journal until 1751. Zenger eventually became known as the patron saint of Country newspaper publishers.

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