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It’s not hard to find Internet service in City. Some “hot spots” charge a fee, while others are free. Libraries, colleges, coffee shops, and restaurants are the best bets for getting online for free. Many hotels have computers available for guests.

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NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Templeton Park (events including weekly summer concerts India Map ); Jack Creek Farms (demonstration gardens, pick-your-own produce, May-November India Map ). PENMAN SPRINGS VINEYARD Penman Springs Vineyard stands on a broad rise overlooking vineyards, oak savannas, and sculpted hills. Although the rural scenery and country solitude suggest a more remote spot, the winery is located just three miles east of downtown Paso Robles. A short driveway curves past the winery’s vineyard and ends at the tasting room, which faces blocks of Petite Sirah and gnarled Cabernet Sauvignon vines. To encourage visitors to take in the spectacular view while enjoying a picnic lunch, owners Beth and Carl McCasland have placed concrete tables and benches beside the tasting room. Entering the white board-and-batten building, visitors find a homey space, complete with an upright piano, a pellet-burning stove, and a table spread with a jigsaw puzzle in progress.

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