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Nothing is more important on an expedition than the fire. Camp life revolves around it. Whether built to last an hour or a week, the fire is always at the center of everything. The Tofalar people, with whom we traveled on horseback in Siberia, say that a fire is born when it is lit, lives while it burns, and dies when it is put out such is the material and symbolic importance of fire to this forest people.

Survival Hints and Techniques

I have already explained how to build a fire without matches or a lighter. Master this skill before jumping off into the wilderness and you’ll never be without your fire-making implements. Fire is the essential requirement for survival, especially in winter, of course. Then there is the question of food. Here are a few hints.

Snares for Spruce Grouse, Hare, and Other Game

It’s easy to catch large spruce grouse. Make a noose out of brass wire and attach it to the end of a pole, as shown in the drawing below. The trick is to move very slowly. With a little practice you can catch one 50 percent of the time enough to sustain you.

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