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Lanzhou  History

The community of Fond du Lac, where the Mission Creek Trail begins, was once a small Native American settlement. In 1783, Jean Baptiste Cadotte, a French fur trader, made the first written record of an Ojibwa village at this site. Historians believe that Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut, passed here in 1679 on a mission to get Native American tribes to stop fighting each other and to trade with the French rather than the British.

According to some sources, Fond du Lac eventually became the site of the first permanent settlement of non-Native Americans in Minnesota. (Some sources state that Grand Portage, far up the North Shore near Canada, holds that distinction.) The British Northwest Fur Company set up a trading post at Fond du Lac, near the mouth of Mission Creek, in 1792. In 1817, an American Fur Company trading post replaced it.

In 1834, the Reverend Edmund F. Ely began a mission on the site of the present day Fond du Lac Community Church. The creek takes its name

The Wei River – I looked for its name meaning in Lanzhou Subway Map my dictionary: depending on the tone used it can-mean to smell or taste ( Lanzhou Subway Map I think not), another wei means hello (used on the telephone), or it can be a guard. The man sitting beside me said it is none of those, it is just a name. I wanted to argue that most Chinese names have meanings, but didn’t since if I was right it would make my neighbour lose face. He was a doctor and spoke quite good English. He told me that he’d once invited foreign friends to stay at his house, but on the second day the police came and told them to move. The other person on our seat was a boy who had just failed his university entrance exam.

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