Aye Yeik Mon Girls Orphanage Burma

The people of Burma have experienced great turmoil over the past several decades as their country has been engrossed in one of the longest-running unresolved civil wars on earth rampant ethnic strife, and widespread economic disparity have made life difficult for the average Burmese citizen especially women in the heart of Burma’s ancient capital city of Mandalay lies the eye Ekman orphanage for girls founded originally in by a Buddhist nun the orphanage provides housing, and assistance for more than girls Sabarimala we werent lee seungchul – buddha melody national are all in Eva Mae new media who a meeting through the Buddhist teachings at iuck mun underprivileged girls are given a full education, and the hope to make their lives better in the future, and ER e times whatever QV by now from below journalist or indra tomorrow CA results for the AMIA ingeniously. I can stand on my own food outside of the orphanage so.

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I quit from the orphanage, and now. I am doing as a tour guide on the other hAnd I have a small business now.

I ain’t ain’t my life it comfortable Iook man is a place of safety without the orphanage many of the girls would fall victim to the prevalent human trafficking, and child labor trades of the region. This is a very good area for the girls to be here in a safe, and secure life, and then also the man’s here, and all the teachers here they train them to lead their own life in the future with the proper education or a proper profession contributions from the grand circle Foundation have helped to install new toilets, and renovate the dormitory for the girls in addition the foundation has also provided an essential water purification system, and some greatly appreciated playground equipment by traveling with overseas adventure travel you are supporting the Grand Circle Foundation, and supporting the girls of the iock Mun orphanage once we bring the travelers here they feel very sad to leave, and even some are in tears not only. Because that they feed said to hear the story but also.

Because that they feel very happy by seeing that these girls in a proper life you.

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