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Every river leads to someone where do the great rivers of Europe lead a few highlights from the Rhine the mine, and the Danube a statue of William the first greets visitors upon entry to the year old city of Coblentz named in BC by the Romans the old city’s town squares, and narrow walkways hide the characters of Coblenz as colorful folklore like the thirsty constable the Rhine River gets its name from the Celtic Raynaud’s meaning raging flow this section of the Rhine is home to the most castles of any River Valley in the world no need to pay anyone at all here the toll station stopped collecting in once it used a chain across the river to stop travelers those who refused the toll collectors who are locked away deep in the cellar dungeon well stranded upon a wooden raft. I went through to locks last night there was a mist on the river which is really beautiful, and and of course you can see with this video that the sunshine is just an absolutely gorgeous day invar time every tower has a story a pointed tower contained feuding towns women who are lowered to their cell from the door on top but if we look at the clock. So you can see that one of them over here are buried he tells us that they didn’t have a minute hand.

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Because they did the nobility didn’t need to worry about minutes to crack that face downtown idea what happened to the you. I’m work more important well. We’ve got an old castle that is uninhabited right now that coming it has a beer garden there and

You’ll show us. How to walk up there if we care to. I think, it’s really quite charming, it’s romantic. This is one of the nicest little towns, it’s just the right size you can walk up, and down the Main Street all the little shops, and it’s really just what.

I pictured Germany to be essentially. I love it, it’s incredible the amount of barges are going up, and down, and we’re hoping to hear a story about a family the fortress filled towns that line the banks of the great rivers of Europe offer a glimpse into the past, and endless discovery you.

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