Leaving Malaysia to Laos

Oh the struggle is real ghost today we’re going oh my gosh I closed my eyes yet we just got up in about 20 minutes we have to drop in a congress or the airport. Because they were going to Lau which, I’m so excited about a new country except the flights for us to get to allow the only ones that we would get today. Because we have to get there today is we have to go to catch a flight from totally to blue to kale, and then from KL to Bangkok, and then from Bangkok to Lau. So three flights today our first flight is at 6 a.m. I’m tired alrighty guys were packed, and ready to go and, I’ll soon like some of this came, and delivered us a little breakfast to take with us. Because we miss breakfast as with that early this morning that’s you know the struggle is real almost no time at least we can nap on the plane how long’s the first flight from here to KL how you look at all uh-huh welcome back to KL everyone not having the best day.

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Because it is Easter Sunday and, I’m literally standing in a chocolate shop called chocolate for the record I can’t find Easter eggs anyway a normal chocolate won’t do you have to have Easter egg chocolate on Easter Sunday literally there’s a chocolate store there mmm store there you’ve got a Ferrero Rocher store there you got a KitKat store just there, and you’ve got a Lin chocolate just there. But no Easter egg this is going to have to do you want one I get one for Jess this is by far the best part of our coming to KL is they have their own little jungle party guys here in Bangkok, and we’re back in time, and we’re leaving Tyler eventually Hey everybody, and welcome to louder than the brand-new country course we’ve never been here, and we just realized that it’s actually loud New Year today tick there is three hours left of loud New Year guys before we continue on with the post we’re having a quick story time that, I’m calling we are complete it is when we are coming to allow we realize that we hadn’t booked our flight outside of Laos. So we can we quickly booked an exit why. Because a lot of times countries want that flight, and how we’ve been doing our funds is. Because we’ve been hacked in the past which, I’ll show you below while I was checking emails we found out that our bank account has been hacked to like something to do with fraud we kind of keep everything in a savings, and then we transfer money into our card, and we just use that as we go. Because in the moment we quickly booked our flight out we cleared up those funds, and we got to Lao, and we completely forgot that you need a visa that’s fine the only thing was I was short 15 dollars from getting the money out in a visa, and no one was helping us which was which was always great when you first arrive in a country we just needed a hotspot to transfer money back into the card however luckily jess was a level head, and she said let’s just get out there like the amount that you need on the one card, and then we’ll just try, and get out some money out of a different card luckily it worked, and now we’re in Lao it has been a few days since we last spoke to you we’ve actually been here volunteering doing another teaching, and construction project however we decided to keep them out of the blog this time. Because we didn’t want to just bombard you with a lot of teaching blogs however the kids here, and Lao are so unbelievably friendly, and welcoming, I’m going to have to quickly show you a quick segment.

So we’re currently in BM TN, and I think we’re going to go show you guys the area guys one thing that we’ve noticed that flower we’re currently in the capital city, and it’s such a sleepy cruising town everyone drives normally it’s not crazy Ho Chi Minh City or crazy Bangkok is just as been enjoying the driving now a dangerous situation thanks guys we’re literally it’s the most touristy site, and there’s no one here this is probably Liao’s most iconic National Monument it is a golden stupa or like a yeah big golden bull stupa, and it is humongous, and I said it’s so being built in the 3rd century that’s insane it has had some renovations sometimes the factory body wouldn’t look this good it literally hurts your eyes it’s that shiny guys looks like it’s currently under renovation. So we can’t actually show you what it’s like inside I boot is driving down the road, and we saw, and didn’t know this was in Asia. But now has their own after trial, and it’s like Asian style how cool is this guys we don’t know too much about Lao. But this is the capital city we would assume that there’d be tourists there’s no one here, and it’s sunset which is peak like beautiful photo taking time, and we’re the only people here they’ve even closed it you can usually walk up to the top of after triumph even style. But they’ve their poster it’s beautiful though it’s so interesting to see something. So French. But just have like an Asian stuff on it I don’t know if you guys have seen that big hero 6 movie where it’s like Asia meets America, and they’d like change the Golden Gate Bridge it almost feels like, I’m looking at like a comic book drawing karley crossing this road to get to the famous meat on river week on mekong river sorry all right you go, and the reason this is really cool.

Because just over there is Thailand. So close probably could fly my drone into Thailand territory literally that jumpy castle let’s Lao just across the river death Thailand custom it allow you actually do some pretty epic sunset you’re ruining my concert yet you like knockoff Apple watches. So any now not to support dinner I had probably the most popular thing to do here, and it’s a head to the night market it’s not really a food night markets more like clothes, and twinklers, and all those type of things, and Pikachu we are just going to have a walk around even get anything for tea. But it’s actually really cheap here, and loud, and then we’re going to head out for tonight you can literally get your fake EEZ for the equivalent of six dollars fifty Cochiti evens decided to try on his fake Easy’s Wow yeah you can feel everything. So definitely worth if you think you know what the nerve to go with you’re arctor trial you can get Donna kebab with a baguette style actually skipping the night market of street foods they would come out to a bit of a nicer restaurant, and it looks really beautiful Wow very nice oh nice that was the best meal if you’re ever in Lao come to kung fu Lao it is amazing the way guys we are currently leaving our accommodation at the volunteer project. So how cool is this place it’s kind of like a resort restaurant. But then they also renting some of the houses here.

So we can stay it’s pretty cool. But we’re actually leaving the NTN. Because there isn’t actually a lot to do here we’d probably only recommend you come here for like a day to max. Because we’re heading out to vang vieng which looks absolutely beautiful the intense superflat bang bian luscious green mountains were really excited to show you guys guys welcome to vang vien we just jumped off the bus which was just behind us, and we kind of stay in the two places here one we’ve just booked a cheap hotel we actually thought it was an eight, and a half hour drive up here. But really it was a three-hour drive. So we we didn’t really need a book this place. But oh my goodness like like this place is magical look look at all these the drone footage is going to be good yes it literally it’s like four minute walk away from the bus station how easy that forgive the force I don’t know what we were doing.

But we do good by being into some reason we thought it was an eight, and a half hour bus I don’t know what we were googling today it was like two, and a half hours we thought we’d get in today is like 9:00 is it. So good now we have like an extra day like we don’t even know what we’re going to do today then you’re like we’re just in the middle of nowhere it’s just like her oh that’s all I needed to know little guy cool twenty bucks is exactly for 20 bucks this is cool aircon, and hot water as well gigantic don’t worry much room for activities in this room as all I need is another hot shower guys I will tell you this every single time you do not know how much you miss a hot shower after having a cold one for an entire week this is literally the main strip here in things eing, and how why is it it’s like dead, and there’s Lee this is now extremely low season straight after New Year like everyone just just leaves yes. But it’s not quite nice. So you can just walk around it is unbelievably hot here also for all those Australians that want to come in Australian restaurant yeah we’re trying to work out what a restaurant we want to go to all the volunteers who were down in the intern with us recommended Gary’s Irish bar. Because apparently he doesn’t mean veggie burger this is what I’ve wanted Karen loud cigarettes are cheaper than a bar of chocolate don’t know what happy balloon laughing guesses. But it sounds fun it is so hot here my shoes are melting, and if you can see that I just felt like oh my head literally melting onto my foot I see all that black it’s literally from his song oh my gosh alright guys let me say Tatia we Mina we found the river this is pretty much the view that you come for down here I love just as local makeshift bridge yes you guys should be here, and I just found out where we’re going to be going for coffee that’s so cool just a fisherman just in front of the river I found what we’re going to sit, and have our coffee look at these a lot little swing oh my goodness guys it’s like four o’clock.

So the Sun is still very high it’s like just up there I think in a few hours time it’s going to look really beautiful I can’t get over the sky, I’ll give you a review on the coffee or the food. But we can give you a review on the view come check this place out guys literally trying to leave this cafe that we didn’t even eat or drink at Stephen all right let’s do it it at your angle Wow it’s a couple hours later we did go back to do some editing, and the guy that like owns this place thing for German. So every time he sees off is like guten tag Morgan what we’re aliens do we really sound German anyway I’ve just went on TripAdvisor to try find a place to go to dinner, and one of the ones that were recommended was a place called earth bar we’re going to go check it out just a casual fire in the middle of the road for chicken pretty sure we should be good, and tagging our way over to that Thai German restaurant you might have got a bit distracted walking around the town where we’ve come to this restaurant as you can see it’s sunset that’s a very beautiful like oh my goodness well oh the cameras doing an auto coloring at the Mona. But to describe it it’s like just types of pink like pastels not these blues it just it looks really cool we’ll come down to sunset during our time sometimes. But this is where we’re going to go eat well notice what we have to come back it was done right for breakfast, I’ll show you can open for practice you’ll be gone uh-huh oh it’s just above the bridge ooh I’d perform since I’ve done there we’re up here guys dinner was so good I had a Thai green would you say Thai green curry I had a Thai yellow curry, and is so good I miss them Thailand I would say Thailand has the best food out of all Southeast Asia people who’ve been through.

But I’ve some exciting news about two weeks ago I had a photograph featured in an exhibit in like a real like awkward art gallery, I’m so excited instead photo or say this was in the Northern Territory when we did like some drawing over some camels I think it’s a pretty good photo and. So it was really exciting to get it printed, and put on the wall unfortunately we’re not in Australia. So you couldn’t go see the exhibit however when we were in the Northern Territory we did a trip with a good friend of ours called Kyle, and they had like a competition to see who would like win the best photograph in the Northern Territory, and he won which was amazing – congratulations Kyle well deserved I was there standing next to him when he took the photo, and he was actually teaching how to do some night photography. Because, I’m still learning. So here’s his winning photo definitely worth the check out his Instagram it’s really awesome he just got back from amazing trip in South America totally jealous hope you guys enjoyed our post here we’re going to be doing a full-blown vang Vieng post over the next few days we’re going to show you some amazing things you can do here the beautiful like ranges of course we’re gonna have some drawing footage as well. But I think we’re going to end the post here, I’m going to go cut nap if you are new around here, and you’ve been enjoying our posts we’ve been in Southeast Asia for two, and a half months. So there’s a whole bunch of cool posts you can see there I was at a whole bunch of cool new posts coming.

So we’d love to you to stick around, and comment, I’ll see you guys next time hi.

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