How to Get Bikini Body on Vacation


Get a head start in the office by eating foods that are rich in vitamin C and D, like salads, tomatoes, apples, and fruits rich in betacarotene, like mango. Olive oil, steamed fish, sugar-free Greek yoghurt and almonds are well-balanced and nutritious options. Avoid sugar, responsible for glycation, which causes cellulite, and drink lots of water.

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In addition, you can incorporate a juicing programme to your daily intake. It works – just ask supermodel and actress Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley, who says: ‘Striking a healthy balance every day is difficult, which is why I am a big fan of juicing. If I make a green smoothie, I’ll also sometimes add supplements like coconut oil, linseed oil or chia seeds.’


Rediscover your body and get moving – swimming is the ultimate multi-tasking exercise. It burns calories, boosts endurance and tones up everything from your upper arms to your abs without putting your joints at risk. If you’re blessed to be living coast side (and the water is warm), take a swim in the ocean. Alternatively, head to the closest outdoor swimming pool once or twice a week.

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