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Many European trains provide the equivalent of our pullman cars, called Wagon-lits. On English trains, compartments similar to Wagon-lits are known as sleepers. A pullman in Britain gets a seat similar to those in our parlor cars.

Many travelers take food with them on the train, especially if traveling second-class. Travel light in order to get off and on the trains easily. Some women take a sturdy metal cart with telescoping handles. If traveling second-class take along a supply of paper tissues and packets of pre-moistened towels. If the restroom nearest the traveler’s seat is unappealing, perhaps the others are better. Nonsmokers can get seats in nonsmoking compartments. When boarding a train be sure you are in the right section. Different cars may go to different destinations.

The International Union of Railroads lists major trains serving nineteen European countries from Scandinavia down through Greece and Turkey. Copies can be had free from the French National Railroads, 610 Fifth Avenue, New York 10020. Cooks Continental Timetable can be had from Thos. Cook & Sons, 45 Berkeley St. London, WIA IEB.

Traveling second-class in Britain is much cheaper than first-class but does not usually entitle the rider to use the dining car and may entitle him to a little snobbery on the part of the conductors. Drinking water is not available on European trains. Take your own in a canteen. Wine and soda water are available, but not the greatest for brushing the teeth.

The InterRail card is another travel bargain, this one for persons under twenty-six, good for second-class travel in twenty-one European countries. The Youthpass is less expensive than the Eurail pass, good only for sixteen countries. For persons sixty-five or older there is the Senior rail card with a sizable reduction, good in seventeen European countries. Britain has its own reduced fare ticket, BritRail, which offers unlimited economy or first-class rail travel in England, Scotland, and Wales, as well as a number of daily intercity trains. Sweden, Switzerland, and other European countries offer special reduced fares for senior citizens. A Benelux Tourrail is good for rail travel in Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg. A Scandinavian Rail Pass is valid in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Australia offers the Austrailpass; India the Indrail Pass; Finland a Finnrailpass.

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