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The views are arguably the best of the whole walk. Corpus Christi Subway Map This area of the country park, where you will notice a preponderance of heathland, has the Corpus Christi Subway Map rather dramatic name of Firehills; it gets its name from the bright fiery colour of the gorse-covered slopes in summer.

The area attracts such birds as the stonechat and yellowhammer, and looking down you may be fortunate (or unfortunate!) enough to spot a common lizard or adder. Once you have reached the top, you should now have a clear view of the hilltop coastguard station, which will have featured on some of the signposts you have passed earlier.

As you head for the coastguard station you will see a gate just short of it: go through the gate and immediately fork right to follow the cliff edge path. This is magnificent walking, and significant too in that there are no cliffs higher than this to come further east along the coastline of Sussex, or indeed the south coast of England.

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