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The presiding judge, Lysius, condemns them to drowning, but they are miraculously saved. The magistrate then asks them to teach him magic arts, which he will exercise in Hadrian’s name. Two demons appear who flog the magistrate, who, when his face is contorted, thinks the gods are angry. The Christians tell him that stones the idols cannot become angry. New tortures accomplish nothing. Sent to the stake, the fire spares them: the ground opens and receives them, saving them; they reemerge as the flames die out a clear point of contact with the story of Thecla. Crucified, they are showered with stones and arrows, which miss them and strike their assailants see Sir 27:25-27 and Ps 7:14-16. Only by decapitation is it possible to kill them. The second version BHG 379; Codex Barberinus VI 22; Deubner, Kosmas und Damian, 220-225 takes up the schema of the first, expanding it and moving the date to 17 October. Lysius is a diabolical tyrant; Cosmas and Damian, dedicated to discourses and to prayer, speak at length. The insane judge is punished, and it is the saints themselves who save him. At the time of their capture, they were living with their brothers in caves there is a monastic dimension to the group. Cosmas is the real protagonist, a sort of spokesman for the group. All die, after a last prayer in which they invoke health of soul and body for those who remain. The Arabic origin of the saints has great weight, as do the evident points of contact with the acts of the martyrs of Cilicia.

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During this time, at least forty-eight other people in the community claimed to be possessed, and accusations flew throughout the small village. Korea, South Metro Map The girls and others in the village accused hundreds of residents of practicing magic. Some of the accused confessed to the practice of witchcraft, no doubt hoping to save their lives and property. This decision proved wise, as the authorities determined that those who admitted their evil practices would not be hanged. Throughout the course of the witchcraft hysteria that spread through much of the colony, nearly 200 people were accused of being witches; almost 75 percent of those accused were women. By the time the trials ended, a total of thirteen women and seven men had been convicted of practicing witchcraft and had been executed, among them George Burroughs, a minister. Giles Corey refused to enter a plea to the charge of bewitching and was pressed to death. Others died while in prison awaiting their trials.

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