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Several bestselling authors have also called City home. Marion Hargrove wrote See Here, Private Hargrove in 1942 based on a compilation of columns that he sent back to the City News while he was stationed overseas with the military. The book sold millions of copies and is listed as one of the 21 bestsellers of all time, and was the basis for a major motion picture starring Donna Reed and Robert Walker. Harry Golden, the author of the bestsellers Only in America, For 2 Cents Plain, and Enjoy, Enjoy! also lived in City.

City continues to support a strong literary community. The annual Novello Festival of Reading and the City Literary Festival are both events that promote literature in the Queen City.

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Since 1964 he has also been cartoonist for the Catholic Herald Malawi Subway Map . However, it is his fictional nautical characters for which he is most famous. They first Malawi Subway Map appeared in the Eagle magazine and then in book form from 1957, and were seen in a Radio Times comic strip in the 1960s. Pugwash, described as ‘an entertaining if unsubtle descendant of Captain Hook’, thinks himself ‘the bravest, most handsome pirate in the Seven Seas’ but in actual fact he is a total coward, and Tom, his cabin boy, is the only person with initiative and sense on his ship The Black Pig. The arch-enemy of Pugwash is Cut-Throat Jake, and it is Tom who saves his master time and again. The stories are given special appeal by Ryan’s verbal wit and eye for comic incident as well as his beautifully detailed drawings.

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