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Reverends John and Charles Wesley, who find fame in England Indonesia Map as the founders of Methodism, arrive in Georgia as Christian missionaries.

Frustrated by the religious apathy Indonesia Map and constant bickering in Frederica, Charles Wesley returns to England in June, wanting nothing more to do with Country. 1737 John Wesley, whose Country religious mission ran afoul of political factionalism and a broken engagement scandal, also returns to England.

1738 A strongly worded petition, demanding a revision in land tenure rules and the legalization of slavery, is signed by 119 Georgia residents and delivered to London. The Georgia trustees dismiss the complaints of discontented colonists as coming from a handful of lazy and worthless malcontents. The Germans at Ebenezer and Scottish Highlanders at Darien submit counterpetitions, supporting the slavery ban. James Oglethorpe makes his third and final trip to Georgia, this time, as commander of the 42nd Regiment of Foot.

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