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COMPUTI apocryphal. During the 6th and 7th c. controversies arose in the West over the reckoning of the date of Easter. The main cause of difference was the fact that neither the replacement of the Supputatio romana vetus by Victorius of Aquitaine’s computus see Computus, Ecclesiastical nor that of the latter by the Easter table of Dionysius Exiguus, took place at the same time in the various churches. Even Victor’s Easter corsus sometimes gave different dates for Graeci and Latini e.g. in 577 and 590; meanwhile the Celtic churches kept the Supputatio romana vetus until the 7th c. fixing the spring equinox at 25 March and accepting 25 March and 21 April as the extreme limits of Easter, from the 14th day of the moon possibly coinciding with 14 Nisan to the 20th. In this climate computi multiplied in support of the various positions, and remain a characteristic element of early medieval culture, in which astronomical data mingle with allegorical interpretations of Scripture, polemic and apology defending peculiar liturgical traditions and a spirit of pseudo-scientific research.

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This is where winery employees get a chance to share their Stockton Map products and knowledge with consumers, in hopes of establishing a lifelong relationship. They are there to Stockton Map please. Yet, for some visitors, the ritual of tasting fine wines can be intimidating. Perhaps it’s because swirling wine and using a spit bucket seem to be unnatural acts. But with a few tips, even a first-time taster can enjoy the experience. After all, the point of tasting is to enhance your knowledge by learning the differences among varieties of wines, styles of winemaking, and appellations.

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