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The bishops meeting at Constantinople to consecrate Sisinnius as bishop 28 Feb subscribed to an encyclical letter in which Sisinnius denied that Messalians caught professing their ideas even after condemnation could be readmitted to ecclesiastical communion. On 5 October 431 the priest Maximinus was elected bishop of Constantinople to replace Nestorius. He and the bishops meeting for his consecration sent letters transmitting the acts of the Council of Ephesus to other sees, with news of the new election. A letter was also sent to Pope Celestine. We also know of a subsequent council which deposed Helladius of Tarsus, Eutherius of Tyana and other bishops who supported Nestorius. ca. 443. A council, presided over by Bishop Proclus of Constantinople and including Cyril of Alexandria, judged the cases of Athanasius of Perrhes and Alexander of Antaradus. The former having been deposed by his clergy, Domnus of Antioch was asked to intervene in the matter; the latter, whose election had aroused opposition, was declared fit to hold the office.

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1749 Benjamin Franklin’s friend Ebenezer Kinnersley commences a tour Mesa Map of the colonies that will last until 1753. An electrical demonstrator, lecturer, and showman, Mesa Map Kinnersley disseminates Franklin’s electrical theories. A medical society is organized in New York City. The surveyor Lewis Evans publishes Map of Pensilvania, New-Jersey, New-York, and the Three Delaware Counties. 1750 A group called the Young Junto starts meeting in Philadelphia to discuss scientific questions, among other issues. 1751 Benjamin Franklin publishes Experiments and Observations on Electricity, putting forth his electrical theory and suggesting the use of pointed metal rods to protect buildings from lightning.

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