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In Uptown it’s possible to hail a taxi on most major streets, but the best bet for catching a ride is to venture to the nearest hotel where taxis are often waiting for passengers. Outside of Uptown, it’s best to call a taxi and head outside when it arrives. It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes for the taxi to arrive.

Rides are metered, with the exception of the $25 flat fee charged from Uptown to the airport. Like other U.S. cities, fares are regulated and the taxi driver should run the meter during your ride. The fare is based on the distance traveled, with small increases during traffic.

History for Baton Rouge Metro Map
Emerge from the church by the main entrance/exit, Baton Rouge Metro Map looking right for a fine view of Petworth House, and go straight down the church path to Baton Rouge Metro Map the road, not back to Bartons Lane. On reaching the road, turn right to follow it. Just before the road swings left, you will arrive at the entrance to Petworth House. Though the house dates back more than six centuries, little of the original work remains apart from the chapel. Wholesale rebuilding took place between 1688 and 1696 by Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset, with an exterior that has been likened to that of a French chateau. The Duke’s descendant, the 2nd Earl of Egremont, completed the construction of the house.

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