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To board trains the Chinese do form queues but these tend Shenzhen Subway Map to degenerate into a crushing mob as the train stops. They elbow their way to be Shenzhen Subway Map first aboard, leaving no space for passengers to get off. The guard barred the door and yelled at the mob to get back into line. Three times he forced us back into order, but whenever the door was opened for people to disembark, the line hurled itself forwards. It seemed ludicrous to me, but I suppose that if you are one of a billion people you soon learn that if you don’t jump the queue you’ll not find a seat. Needless to say, I couldn’t find one.

In his investigation he identified a man, Joseph Allen, as the Crouch murderer. Based on Henry Holcomb’s claims as evidence, Allen was arrested. During trial, it was discovered that Henry Holcomb had perjured himself. Joseph Allen was released and Henry was arrested for perjury. His trial also did not lead to a conviction.

This does not end the story’s strange twists and turns. After Susan Holcomb’s death, James Foy began to drink heavily. When drunk, he would brag to others about his involvement in the Crouch murders, claiming he was not alone in his deed. He would not, however, reveal the name of his accomplice or accomplices.

In early February 1884, James Foy was found dead at the Jacob Crouch home. He was shot in the head. A pistol was discovered under a hat, at his feet.

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