Sights and Attractions in Stuttgart


Schlossplatz with the New Palace; the ‘Kunstgebaude’ (municipal art gallery and Stuttgart art society); the Jubilee Column; the Old Chancellery; the Old Castle (State Museum); Collegiate Church; Granary with Renaissance gable; Hegel’s birthplace; New State Gallery (by Stirling); State Gallery; State Opera House; Carl-Zeiss-Planeta-rium; Zoological- botanical Garden ‘Wilhelma’; Weifienhof residential settlement; Television Tower; Gottlieb-Daimler-Memorial; Royal Burial Chapel on Rotenberg; ‘Kursaal’ Bad Cannstatt; Rosenstein Palace; Solitude Palace; Hohenheim Palace; Veits Chapel in Miihlhausen.

Sights and Attractions in Stuttgart Photo Gallery

The ladder swung wickedly under the stern in the sharp cold wind, while he hung on with one hand and used the other to shine a light at the waterline, using a torch that hung from a lanyard round his neck. It looked perilous; I prayed he would not ask me to do it – I felt sure I would drop into the icy oily water and die. Throughout the four-hour watch we did many other things I barely understood. I had never worked so hard in my life. I showered in cold water at midnight, unable to get the oil out of my skin, giving up and falling into my narrow little bunk – dirty-tired, dog-tired, dead-tired, so tired my limbs weighed two tons each. I went forward. People milled around. The third mate shouted into a voice-box that was bolted onto a platform. The voice-box squawked orders back at him, he shouted at the bosun who shouted at the sailors. I was told to stand out of the way while the sailors pulled in the ropes, wrapping them round the drums of the big clunking windlass, which reeled them in, sodden and dripping.

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