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Generally speaking, frostbite is a winter problem. However, below-freezing temperatures can be encountered at any time of year in some of the higher mountain regions. Flesh will freeze if it’s cold enough, and that’s what frostbite is all about.

It’s important to keep your extremitieshands and fingers, feet, ears, nosefrom getting seriously cold or numb. Tissue can be permanently damaged when frostbitten, so it’s obviously important to prevent this condition.

Take immediate action if any part of you starts to feel numb or uncomfortably cold. Exercising vigorously will help. Swing arms to warm up hands, or place them under clothing next to your skin. Touch a cold nose or ears with a bare (warm) hand.

Always put on gloves or mitts and extra clothing at the first sign of coldness. Cold extremities are sometimes an indication that your entire body could use more clothing. If the temperature is low enough you also may need insulated boots.

Should you sustain a case of frostbite, thawing out must be done very slowly and carefully to minimize tissue damage. Read up on the subject if you’ll be involved in winter camping, or visiting an area where extreme cold is a possibility.

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