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Bishop’s Mill 206-12 Old Dumbarton Road.

Bishop’s Mill is one of the oldest industrial locations in Glasgow, completed on the site of an earlier mill in 1853 for William Wilson, miller and grain merchant. The use of this location for milling goes back to medieval times, when the archbishopric had a monopoly on milling rights.

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Pearce Lodge (East Gatehouse)

University of Glasgow Corner of University Avenue and Kelvin Way.

Decorative Carving and Inscriptions.

The building was erected between 1884-8, salvaging the remains of the University’s original gatehouse, built in the mid-17th century which was torn down following the University’s decision to move from High Street to the faux-Gothic Gilmorehill building. Only a small amount of the original decorative carving could be saved.

Anderson College of Medicine 56 Dumbarton Road.

Narrative Tympanum Relief and Two Winged Figures.

Sculptor: James Pittendrigh Macgillivary (1888-9)

This university building features a bearded teacher lecturing a class of eight medical students, who are all looking more or less bored or unhappy. The unfortunate doctor may well not be the building’s namesake, John Anderson, but Peter Lowe, who founded the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

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