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Most prices in this region seem to be raised for foreigners Nanning Subway Map . In the morning my room-mate told me, If you’ve seen real temples in Nanning Subway Map China, you won’t enjoy seeing Xian’s reproductions. They are not living things. ‘ I took her advice and avoided all but two places that I particularly wanted to see. The first site was Ban Po, a neolithic village which dates back to 5000 BC. The four levels of the dig cover generations of different cultures and at the deepest level are mementoes of wild nomads who became settled.

The outside air was cool and damp. Streetlights cast a sickly yellow pallor over the empty streets. It is a time of night when some say only the dead are alive. How true those words seemed to us now.

Earlier in the evening Laura told us where the Italian Hall memorial was located. Driving down the road, we turned the corner and stopped at the memorial site. It seemed the whole city was asleep but us. Moonlight reflected off the archway and lonely bronze marker on this tiny plot of land. Impossible. Impossible to imagine this small lot was the site of the Italian Hall and Calumet’s most horrible disaster.

The chill cut right through us was we walked under the arch and entered hallowed grounds. Our time here lasted only 10 minutes. Exhausted, the motel seemed an eternity away.

Over breakfast the next morning, we discovered the Italian Hall audio file was blank. The decision was made to return to the site. Unintentionally, we arrived about the same time the families arrived that fateful Christmas Eve in 1913. This time Kat and I came prepared with two audio recorders, camera and video recorder. The cluster of small homes lining the streets near the memorial site were quiet.

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