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There has been some disagreement by historians over the nature of Pittsburgh Map Powhatan’s authority. While he probably never held the same type or amount of power as Pittsburgh Map paramount chiefs farther to the southeast, his chiefdom was more centralized than other eastern Algonquian polities. Powhatan ruled with the assistance of a wide-ranging network of chiefs and priests. Virginia is considered a Southern colony because of the sort of Anglo-Country society that grew up there; however, in terms of Native Country culture, it had more in common with that of New England.

The population of the eastern portion of Virginia around the turn of the seventeenth century possibly numbers around 20,000 perhaps over 100,000 for the entire future state, and Powhatan’s authority extends over about thirty smaller chiefdoms. Each of these lesser chiefdoms consists of a network of villages. Life at the village level is divided along lines of gender. Men hunt, fish, and conduct war and diplomacy, while women farm, forage for food, and perform most of the domestic work.

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