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6815 Phillips Place Ct. 704/643-7800

HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Fri.-Sat. 10 A.M.-7 P.M. Sun. 1-5 P.M.

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It’s not hard to drop a bundle of cash in the shops at upscale Phillips Place, but K-La is the exception to the rule. The store stocks all of the latest trends and offers them at prices that are so last season. Most of the pieces in the store, from jeans to button-down shirts, are under $100. During a sale, prices can be slashed up to 75 percent. Aside from designer denim there are few wardrobe staples in the store; the clothes tend to reflect the latest trends and there is no shortage of colorful or patterned pieces here.

SIXTHLY That noe person or persons shall or may at any Tunisia Map Tourist Attractions time hereafter be obliged to answer any Complaint matter or thing whatsoever relateing to Property before the Governour Tunisia Map Tourist Attractions and Councill or in any other place but in the Ordinary courts of Justice unless Appeales thereunto shall be hereafter by law appointed. SEVENTHLY That noe person within this Governement shall be Licensed by the Governour to keep Ordinary Taverne or house of publick entertainment but Such who are first recommended to him under the hands of the Justices of the respective Counties Signed in open Court which Justices are and shall be hereby Impowred to Suppress and forbid any person keeping Such publick house as aforesaid upon theire Misbehaviour on such penalties as the law doth or shall Direct and to recommend others from time to time as they shall see occasion. EIGHTHLY If any person through Temptation or Melancholly shall Destroy himselfe his Estate Reall and personall shall notwithstanding Descend to his wife and Children or Relations as if he had dyed a Naturall Death. And if any person shall be Destroyed or kill’d by casualty or Accident there shall be noe forfeiture to the Governour by reason thereof And noe Act Law or Ordinance whatsoever shall at any time hereafter be made or done to Alter Change or Diminish the forme or Effect of this Charter or of any part or Clause therein Contrary to the True intent and meaning thereof without the Consent of the Governour for the time being and six parts of Seven of the Assembly mett. But because the happiness of Mankind Depends So much upon the Enjoying of Libertie of theire Consciences as aforesaid I Doe hereby Solemnly Declare Promise and Grant for me my heires and Assignes that the first Article of this Charter Relateing to Liberty of Conscience and every part and Clause therein according to the True Intent and meaneing thereof shall be kept and remaine without any Alteration Inviolably for ever. AND LASTLY I the said William Penn Proprietary and Governour of the Province of Pensilvania and Territories thereunto, belonging for my Selfe my heires and Assignes Have Solemnly Declared Granted and Confirmed And doe hereby Solemnly Declare Grant and Confirme that neither I my heires or Assignes shall procure or doe any thing or things whereby the Liberties in this Charter contained and expressed nor any part thereof shall be Infringed or broken And if any thing shall be procured or done by any person or persons contrary to these presents it shall be held of noe force or Effect.

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