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Separatists (Pilgrims) aboard the Mayflower found Plymouth Plantation. Chicago Subway Map Of the original 102 passengers, eighteen are women, all married and accompanying their husbands on the voyage. Two of the women give birth either en route or close to the time of landfall, and a third woman has given birth just prior to the voyage and is nursing her child. On the ship the women make clothes and cook, and once they arrive, their first task is to find a way to do the laundry.

While the Pilgrim men and some of the crew go to search for a place to build the settlement, the women and children remain on the ship. Of the married women, only four survive the winter, and therefore must assume the cooking and cleaning responsibilities for the entire colony. When the ship Fortune arrives in November 1621, these same women will also serve the needs of most of its passengers, as only a few of the new arrivals are women.

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