Venezuela Metro Map


The image of dead people, often looking very much like themselves in appearance. Ghosts are most often seen in places they used to live or visit regularly, such as a loved one’s home. They can also attach themselves to a possession they once owned. Frequently they are responsible for paranormal activity including cold spots, objects moving, apparitions and footsteps. These spirits can be both good and bad.


A place, person or object that has repeated paranormal activity. These activities would include sightings of apparitions, voices, strange unexplained sounds and moving objects.

Infrared Light

A lighting and video recording system that goes beyond normal light waves to illuminate in total or near total darkness.

Infrared and Laser Thermometer

Used to measure the temperature of an object from a distance. Often they are called laser thermometers because a laser is used in aiming. Ambient thermometers will check surrounding air temperatures instead of a specific object. All assist paranormal investigators in detecting sudden drops in temperature, which may indicate the presence of an entity.

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