Burma Golden Temples Floating Gardens

Imagine being among one of the first groups of people granted entry into a country that has been isolated from outsiders for decades but. We’ve been isolated for more than years in this country.

Burma Golden Temples Floating Gardens Photo Gallery

This is my th trip. I would have to admit. This is one of my favorites Burma officially called Myanmar is on the cusp of great change only recently have a fully welcomed foreigners, and allowed open travel within the country, it’s a land of surprises beautiful beautiful these stupas, and temples, and just overwhelmingly interesting shwedagon is Myanmar’s most sacred pagoda it is rumored to be adorned with more gold, and is kept in all the banks of England as a lot of our visitors come far away you know.

So we don’t we don’t want to miss any opportunities, and chances to to see what his life, and barber look like you know. This is not showcase. This is what we we see the real that you work what is happening at the moment the th mile by mile wide inland lake in southern Shan State is a reservoir for many streams here a unique centuries-old fishing technique using a single oar, and a cone shape the majority of local jobs growing tomatoes on floating gardens on the lake when you see them operating in the value of Western currency, and the local competitive marketplace is not yet understood pricing on goods can change drastically from one day to the next going down there, and seeing the people products that we were hauling that families. How they were sharing the boats it was just exciting to see. How they live, and How they travel on this water but it was an exciting adventure, and just a beautiful area to travel to, it’s a great trip I’d recommend it to anybody isolated since those lucky enough to visit Myanmar are witness to a people, and a place like no other unspoiled deeply rooted in religion culture, and ancient tradition an entire country released from a time capsule.

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