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I boarded the daily bus, ready for a ten- Luoyang Metro Map hour journey. The bus route led out past a string of tumbled watchtowers, spaced every Luoyang Metro Map li (kilometre). Dunhwang means blazing beacons, and these towers were used to send messages by fire-signal across the desert’s empty spaces. There were occasional ruins of large fortified farmsteads, and two ruined strongholds with impressive gateways and comer-towers. Fortification was a way of life along this stretch of the Silk Road. For defence, some Gansu farmsteads had double or triple gateways and some forts had no doors.

Though his uncle’s trial was over, Judd Crouch’s trial was still pending. Adding even more to Judd’s difficulties came in 1886 when a penniless young woman, Jennie Farley, was found dead from an overdose of morphine in a hotel room. She was five or six months pregnant. Jennie had worked as a domestic at Judd’s house the summer of 1883 and, since that time, had been seen with him many times.

She was known as “Judd’s girl,” and most people in town believed he was father of the baby and suspect in the death. He vehemently denied both claims. He was called to give testimony in Jennie Farley’s trial and, at its conclusion, was absolved of guilt, her death deemed a suicide. Though Judd was cleared from direct involvement, most still believed he was the father of unborn child and ultimate cause of her death.

Court proceedings for Judd in the Crouch murders remained in limbo for several years. During that time, prosecution hoped to gather more evidence.

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