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Ion Generator

This is a piece of equipment that charges an area with electricity. In the paranormal community, it is believed ghosts will be drawn to this electrical energy in order to manifest. Recent testing does not seem to validate its use in investigations.

K-2 Meter

The K-2 meter is a simplified version of an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector. Instead of identifying EMF fields via numbers, it uses a series of LED lights to signal increasing levels of electromagnetic fields. A green light designates normal and red, the last light, signals very high EMF. In the paranormal community it is believed unusual spikes in electromagnetic fields can signify a spirit energy is near.

The K-2 has been found to be quirky and sometimes unreliable. The meter can signal high EMF in response to use of walkie-talkies, cell phones, TVs or other electronic equipment. Because of that, a response by one of these meters has to be looked at suspiciously. All electronic equipment should be tested with the K-2 and cell phones should be turned off during investigation.

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