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Hey everybody welcome to lever here in Peru’s laser day it is officially day one of the geckos adventure South American trip we’re gonna be going with them for 33 days going across all countries we meet the group tonight we do. But we are going to do some very rural traveling soon. So we’re gonna treat ourselves we have a favorite restaurant guys how much is this Boulevard here in Lima look like it’s straight out of LA can you guys name a more iconic duo all righty this is the last meal we’ve gone for like some Arabian eggs pita bread with some yogurt on there dessert coffee Bobby Hayes we were it okay oh yes right on turn Miraflores oh we just met up with everyone which was super excited we’ve got the details for the rest of the trip we have some really fun stuff planned for you guys. So make sure you stick around. Because the South America series is gonna be super interesting, and you guys do enjoy them always always he says twelve people there’s a couple of couples people from Kiwi land from New Zealand from we’re gonna go on a walking tour, and show you guys around Lima. Because we really haven’t seen Lima we went off to the Oasis, and then came back, and then jumped on this tour.

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So we’re kind of excited to go to MIMO, I’ll show you guys well Muir for us that’s the area west, and he said it’s like just over 40 districts, I’m gonna see one of the districts guys we cover to our first stop here in Lima which is probably one of the more popular places. Because I think it’s super Western. So I think a lot of people come here for almost like a little safe haven if you wanted some like TGIF restaurant that like moans like a very popular like shopping center it’s kind of cool. Because carved into the side of the cliffside.

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So if you have a look here this is the shopping center then it goes like three stories down and, I’ll go show you the view from over there where jess is yeah here’s the main like City area waterfront very beautiful part of Milla Flores why is this statue of Paddington Bear here don’t worry we had our waffle fix. But I just wanted to point it out how cute is this Creperie right on the cliffside honestly guys this is got to be the most beautiful part of Lima it’s very la like I feel like it’s a nice beautiful city, and definitely they’ve put a lot of money to make it look beautiful, and upmarket we’re walking through a park I just can’t get over these cliff sighs it’s just. So green yeah come on stop in they call it love park.

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Because back in the day a lot of people would drive their cars here, and look over the cliff side, and yeah you can connect the dots. So I think the the city just decided to embrace it, and they call a love park Valentine’s Day they’re kissing contest, and I should show you the statue that represents the spots super nice I was not expecting usually the National drinkers like Hey everybody it is 5:30 in the morning, and whoever invented the same no-good adventure starts before sunrise wait anything that’s a real thing to the Amazon jungle today my anaconda down to the jungle I can’t remember how to say to me know what.

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So uh the jungle the super interesting being like a group to are in cash no fly it’s not it is fun technique it’s gonna be good. But best of all we need to go to crease very first stop we there you go opteka Wisco everybody hi. But you might be thinking why we not this is so strange. So I didn’t even know this was a thing staying on the plane.

But having a transfer. But you don’t get the plane, and I have another seed approaching. So bad it’s like a boss hey this isn’t my stuff I had two tickets. But, I’m staying on the plane that I have a different scene for the second part of the flight to be 25 in a flat get to find out what they do special man in the orange suit comes through the emphasis guys welcome to we we’re now heading into the jungle we promise that many times at the blog already. But. Because we are just wrecking our way we need to change into smaller duffel bags. Because when I love to take so much stuff with us.

Because we’re just heading out from like an explanation. So which is at the office of the of the Tool Company everyone’s changing just staying for two nights when you get all that what we need from that into these small things here this is what, I’m gonna be bringing through the jungle with me sup my dry bag jumper I’ve got charging apparently of charging for three hours tonight. But the duffel bag that they given us a long-sleeve shirt to normal shirts couple of hiking socks don’t forget mozzie spray I’ve got a rain jacket on these, and then some vitamins panadol, and then some like vitamin B tablets, and some shorts power, and then you definitely need to get yourself the torch we just got the patch lunch be ready sorry Amazon what is it it’s rice rice in a banana leaf bananas that’s rock it’s full of rocks good it’s now jumping on this bar Kea we’re just gonna take us down the river for two hours this is very cool Thank You Ryan I say welcome to the Tambopata River yes. So remember. So now we’re going up the stream, I’m a capybara family the guinea pig he’s still a little friend that follows him a little bird here cycle easy sound like body coupler Oh God just has insane eyes how did he notice this turtle that was a very calming, and beautiful two hour cruise into the middle of the jungle, and now we’re just walking up to the lodge. So we got home for the next two nights yeah it’s like a little chill zone there we’ve got some hammocks over here that’s awesome thank you to the jungle thank you this is very cold room to over for the electricity goes actually this is our accommodation for night guys, and yes like I said no electricity it is candles this is awesome this is gonna be a fun two days I got us mojitos.

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Thank You mijitos before our a jungle walk alrighty guys we are heading out for a night walk we’ve heard that a lot of animals in the Amazon jungle come out at night it’s gonna meet up with the group, and go on a little night safari Wow look at this grasshopper that bit is in a leaf that’s his wings guys this is a banana spider, and it’s 18 times more poisonous than a black widow got a a whip snake we found a snake in the Amazon you know this casually just walking through yeah my anaconda don’t tarantula that is huge it’s like the size of a hand this huge moth just landed on stage she’s decided to join me. But gosh it’s huge what are we doing guys this is a Firefly it’s got a click beetle oh he’s gone Wow alright guys we’ve back in our room I’ve set up my mosquito net to stop all the creepy crawlies.

Because after going into the jungle, and seeing what’s out there, I’m like oh my gosh I locked the door Stephen is there any holes you know windows. Because that was crazy we only walked probably like 200 meters into the jungle, and we saw all of those things I couldn’t believe it it was like a literally like a 40 minute walk, and I was like oh my gosh we’ve seen it. So many things it’s crazy tomorrow we’re spending all day hiking through the Amazon jungle. So make sure you check out that post, and if you’re new around here click comment okay , and um.

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